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Seven Ocean Biscuits - A box of 9 bars

Seven Ocean Biscuits - A box of 9 bars

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The Seven Oceans 500g Emergency Food Rations are made to be used on life rafts and lifeboats and are intended to offer a balanced diet for sea survival.

Each pack has 2,500 calories.
duration of five years
case for waterproof storage 24 packs
Case: 60,000 calories
The long-life biscuits, which have 60,000 calories in a box, can be used in any survival situation that calls for a concentrated long-life emergency ration.

The biscuit ration can be consumed straight from the box and needs no preparation.

Each 500g vacuum-packed pack contains the highest possible proportion of balanced nutrition to volume and provides 10,300 kJ or 2,500 kcal of energy.

Each biscuit pack contains 18 tablets packaged in grease-proof paper in 9 bars, and the pack is divided into smaller portions for simple rationing. The nine bars are vacuum-sealed in aluminum foil that is both airtight and watertight, and they are further shielded by a cardboard box that repels water.

Wheat flour, hydrogenated soybean oil, sugars, malt, and vitamins are among the ingredients (contains no meat or animal fats).

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